GEM-TECH Replacement Bulb

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  • Model: GTUVL
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This item is just the bulb for the GEM-TECH UV Light

This bulb will come to you as part # TPUVL. This bulb replaces GEM-TECH, BEST-TECH and TRADE-PRO brand uv light systems.

The popular GEM-TECH UV™ germicidal ultraviolet light system

The Problem
The moist environment inside of your air handling system can be the perfect breeding ground for many dangerous molds and micro-organisms.

The Facts
According to the EPA, indoor air quality is one of the top five environmental health risks of our time!
The Center for Disease Control offers guidelines for using ultraviolet light to disinfect the air! At present, germicidal ultraviolet light (UV), when properly integrated into a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system, is an effective method for preventing indoor air contamination from spreading throughout your home.

The Solution
The GEM-TECH UV System is installed in your air handling system. The germicidal ultraviolet light rays produced by the GEM-TECH  UV System destroy micro-organisms that collect inside to help maintain a germ-free environment.

How UV Light Works
Germicidal ultraviolet light produced by the GEM-TECH UV System penetrates the cell walls of micro-organisms present in your air handling system, causing cellular damage, either killing the cells or preventing them from reproducing.Use the search terms uv lamp, uv lamps, uvlamp, uvlamps, buy uv lamp, buy uv lamps, uv lamp air, uv lamp hvac, uv sterilization lamp