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Shipping Policy

Countless hours and days have been spent in the pursuit of a solid, honest, reasonable shipping  policy.  Actually, we delayed the opening of our store, in order to put this very important policy together.
We first looked at peer sites for comparisons and discovered that there was an interesting split.  About half used shipping calculators and passed the shipping charges onto the customer.  The other half, offered free shipping, but “Free Shipping” needs to be explained.  First, there is no such thing as “Free Shipping”, PERIOD!  Someone pays.  We have looked into this, and could not find a freight company willing to not charge Home Air Direct for shipping.  So how do they do it?  We looked a little deeper and figured it out.  We compared the prices of some of the “Free Shipping” companies to those who charge shipping and found that in many cases, the free shipping company’s equipment prices were more and in the end, the companies that charged shipping were often less.  Now, are you confused?  You should be.
Home Air Direct offers a very simple and fair policy for the charges related to “Shipping”.  We have calculated the average size of a single piece of our motor bearing equipment, and in the same have come up with the weight and size of our average complete system, and offer the following:

At Home Air Direct, your shipping cost will never be more than:
$129 per single piece of equipment   or    $197 for any complete system.
And, if your shipping charge should ever be less than either of our set prices, we will inform you and you will only be charged the actual shipping cost.

Home Air Direct’s preferred carrier service includes:

  • Free Residential Delivery – Direct To Your Door
  • Free Liftgate Service
  • Free Hazmat
  • Free Appointment Setting.

 Competitive stores that offer “Free Shipping” often have added charges that you do not discover until you are well into the checkout process.  $99 Liftgate, $50 residential delivery charge, $22 appointment setting extra insurance charges. 
In most cases, the “Free shipping” (that really is not free after extra charges are added) excludes delivery to your home, and is actually stated that you must arrange to pick up your order at a local freight terminal, or have your order shipped to a place of business.
And finally, if you take a good look at the “Free Shipping” sites, as compared to sites that actually charge shipping, you will discover that many just add the actual shipping charges into the cost of your equipment.
At Home Air Direct, we believe that it is wrong to play games with your money.  We will not be a party to trying to lure you into our shopping cart, only to wear you down and then surprise you with “Extra Charges”. 
Instead, we offer you an honest and reasonable, upfront shipping policy with no surprises.  Your order is packaged with great care and shipped direct to your home with included Liftgate Service, all for an upfront and extremely reasonable rate.

The Fine Print: (Make sure and read this, it is important)

Once we receive your order, it will be carefully prepared for shipping with our preferred carrier.
Home Air Direct only ships to the 48 contiguous United States
Our preferred carrier will deliver your order to your home.  These trucks are large and heavy and cannot be driven on residential driveways.  Once it is offloaded from the freight truck, you are responsible for moving the freight to its final location.
Items not in stock or requiring special order will take a little longer.
You must carefully inspect your equipment at the time of delivery with the driver present, as the carriers will not accept damage or shortage claims without a notation on the delivery receipt that damage or a shortage exists.
Once an order leaves our shipping dock it officially becomes the property of the consignee with all obligations attached. In no event shall Home Air Direct be responsible for damage incurred once the order leaves our facility. We will assist in the claims process for damage noted at the time of delivery providing the customer submits a copy of the noted freight bill with the delivering drivers' signature to Home Air Direct. In the case of severe damage noted at delivery, Home Air Direct will, at its sole discretion, file a claim with the carrier for the value of the damage or replace the damaged item. All determinations of repair value by Home Air Direct shall be final unless additional information is supplied to us that was not previously submitted by the customer. Damage not noted by the consignee at the time of delivery will in no way alter any previous agreements between the customer and Home Air Direct, regardless of value. In the case of damage not noted at delivery, concealed or otherwise, our sole liability shall be to assist the customer in obtaining a claim form to be filed with carrier.
In the event that you receive your order with evident damage, immediately inspect it to determine if it is cosmetic or severe enough to affect the system performance. If the damage is only cosmetic in nature, you may accept the delivery and we will provide you with an estimate to repair the damage along with a carrier claim form for reimbursement. In the event that the damage is severe, simply refuse the damaged portion and we will immediately ship a replacement at no charge to you.
Claims for damage must be submitted in writing to either Home Air Direct or the delivering carrier within 10 calendar days from the date of delivery to be considered for reimbursement. Claims initiated after 10 days will not be considered or assisted by Home Air Direct.

*** A Note About Cosmetic Damage***

Minor cosmetic damage to heating & cooling equipment, or “dents and dings” as we call them in the industry is not an uncommon occurrence, even for local HVAC distributions.  As much as we want your equipment to arrive in perfect condition, and Home Air Direct takes extra special care to package your order, from time to time a “dent or ding” will occur.  These superficial imperfections in no way alter the warranty and do not interfere with normal use.  Please know that everyone involved makes every effort deliver your order in the best condition.  Make sure and note any “dent or ding” on the freight bill of lading.

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